Peñíscola is not only unique because of its rocky terrain surrounded by the sea which is connected to the peninsular by a sandy isthmus, but also thanks to its exceptional monuments, the historic events marking its history, its beautiful beaches, its huge Serra d’Irta cliffs and its overall beautiful landscape.

Peñíscola Castle

Thanks to its well conserved state and the way it was built, Peñíscola castle is the most important architectural bastion of the Knights Templar’s order in the whole of the West. The enigmatic Knights Templar built this castle imitating the ones they had built in the Holy Land, conserving all the particularities of the Templar works. It is one of the best examples of the Templar order.

It boasts having been one of Pope Luna’s (Benedicto XIII) residence for many years and of being one of the Pope’s only three headquarters in the long history of its existence together with the Vatican and the Avignon Palace.

Since the 4th of June 1931, it has been a National Historic Artistic Monument and has allowed its visitors to be thrown back into its 700 years of history where they can enjoy the leisure and culture it offers.

Other places of historic-artistic interest are: the Santa Maria parish church, with Gothic tracery from the XV century and architectural elements including its door from the roman era. The hermitage of the Mare de Déu, the patron of the city, situated near the castle which was made in Valencian baroque style. Artillería Park is a beautiful park that combines ramps, tunnels, powder kegs, ditches and walls with palm trees, olive trees and lavender trees. The Bufador is a big gap in the rocks that «breathes» the sea on stormy days.

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