The Sierra de Irta nature reserve is the only coastal enclave that is still building-free in the whole stretch of the Mediterranean coast. It is formed by a sierra that runs parallel to the coast for 20 Km and along which you can find cliffs, beaches and creeks that provide an overall breathtaking landscape.

A spectacular coastal landscape

Its uniqueness is due to the combination of mountain and sea in such a small distance allowing visitors to enjoy fantastic panoramas of the coast from the highest peaks. The Columbretes islands can sometimes be spotted.

The protected area covers 12000 Ha that holds a lot of rich heritage amongst which it is worth mentioning the Xivert castle and the Pulpis castle which belonged to the Templar order. There is also the San Antoni Abad and Santa Lucía hermitages both dating from the XVII century. There is a network of watchtowers to protect the area from marine incursions, the most important towers being the Ebrí and Badum, both of Muslim origin.

This spectacular natural landscape consists of many small and welcoming, untouched enclaves where you can stop and swim in the crystal clear water. There are also two small sandy beaches where you can see some of the few dunes of the Castellón coast coated by typical vegetation of the region.

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